I Ching College——the Platform of Chinese Culture Transmission

Aiming to disseminate traditional Chinese culture and providing high-quality cultural services in a wide range of technology, fashion and entertainment, I CHING COLLEGE is an emerging cultural platform committing to the integration and services of traditional Chinese culture.

I Ching College Technology

As one of the promoters of connecting the Internet with traditional Chinese culture, I CHING COLLEGE has translated various of obscure knowledge in traditional Chinese culture into understandable and attractive cyberwords by applying cutting-edge internet technologies. We have designed and developed numerous cellphone applications related to traditional Chinese culture for the purpose of providing intimate services and health guides.

I Ching College Culture

By integrating traditional Chinese medicine, regimen, studies of I ching (the Book of Change) and Buddhism, I CHING COLLEGE has offered food, living products, and handicrafts to improve both physical and psychological health for our clients. By providing various practical directions such as medicine therapy, food therapy, and other cultural adjustments to living environments, I CHING COLLEGE has brought all around advantages and convenience to daily life of our clients.

I Ching College Education

I CHING COLLEGE Education is committed to providing an open space for traditional Chinese culture lovers to learn and communicate with each other. Through I CHING COLLEGE education, our clients can get access to the courses by experts on traditional Chinese culture and obtain more professional knowledge about Chinese culture. We are confident that we can provide deeper cultural study for clients under our strict requirements and systematic plans.

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