Chinese Culture Ambassador

Sun Li Qun

Sun is one of the earliest historians who gave lectures in Lecture Room. He is an expert on Chinese society and history and is now working as the deputy director of ancient Chinese history teaching and research section for history education and research of China.

Steve Temkin

Steve Temkin is the founder of the first English podcast for Chinese history. He has made a 183- episode podcast with eaazch in 45 minutes. These podcasts cover different stories, including emperors, statesmen, oracle-bone inscriptions or even the stories of Chinese cities.

Luo Dalun

Luo Dalun, previous editor of the Program Yanshengtang, guest speaker of Powers Medical in Lecture Room, committed himself to introduce traditional Chinese medicine to modern people. He has published numerous monographs, regarded as “Top 10 Figures of Healthy China in 2012”.

Zhang Guangwen

Zhang is the ancient jade expert of the Palace Museum and SHI JIA Appraisal and Collection of China. Zhang is the member of National Committee of Cultural Relics, professor of Peking University Resource College and the counsellor of Hong Wei Cultural Relics Websites.

Chen Yunbin

Chen Yunbin, a senior dietician and the promoter of traditional Chinese diet, was born in a traditional Chinese medicine family. Her great-grandfather was a famous doctor. She inherited his medicine theory, the idea of simple and green healthy, and gave public her secret prescription.

Yu Shicun

Yu is a poet, thinker, scholar and free-lancer. He once worked as a newspaper editor, officer, volunteer, chief editor of Strategy and Management. Yu is honoured as the most powerful and historical thinking in this age, ranked on the list of top100 Chinese public intellectuals.

Peng Shumin

Peng Shumin is a Chinese famous traditional Chinese painter, honored as the best shrimp painter and “top 10 calligraphers and painters in 2010”. He serves as the honorary president of Chinese Studies and Arts Research Institute. His works are sent to distinguished guests as national gifts.

Zeng Yue

Zeng Yue, famous educator and the principal of Beijing Shuangyushu primary school, engaged in education for over 30 years. Zeng was rated as excellent instructor, education advanced worker and the excellent principal, which was covered by China Youth News and Hong Kong Economic News.

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